About Us

While we were investing in stocks we realized that the trading tools available to the public are  very limited in capability and practical use. Additionally, many of them required subscriptions in order to continue using them.

We wanted to be able to identify opportunities as early as possible. We wanted to see all of the stocks that are currently moving so that we could get a piece of the move.

We found ourselves wanting scanners, indicators, and quotes that were capable of doing more. That’s when we decided to build our own set of tools.

We started by building the monetary volume scanner and intraday momentum scanner. These tools gave us more useful insight into the entire stock market. We no longer found ouselves chasing moves. All the moves were being shown to us in real time.

It turns out that there is no other commercially-available intraday momentum scanner. That’s why we decided to bring our tools to the market. We believe that our scripts can provide significant value to active traders who want more visibility of the overall stock market.

An additional benefit that our tools have is that there is no subscription. These tools are yours for life. When we release an updated version, you can download the updated version for free.

We strive to provide the best and most valuable tools to the average stock trader. Give our momentum scanner a try and see for yourself.

most valuable scanner ever

see what's moving this minute

With our momentum scanner you see the stocks that are currently moving


No Subscription

No need to pay hundreds of dollars per month for a screener subscription. With a one-time purchase, our tools are yours to use forever.

Order Tracking

Modify the scripts to your liking with custom input variables. You can also easily add filters to our scanners.

Free Updates

Don't have the latest version? When our scripts get updated, you can download the latest version at no additional cost.

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