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I'm the most-informed trader in my network because of the intraday momentum scanner. As new stocks pop up in the list, I can check the news early and determine whether to get in.​
woman from stock scripts testimonial momentum scanner
Tan Yen
Digital Marketer
The momentum scanner allows me to see everything that is currently making moves in the market. I no longer have to stare at charts waiting for something to happen.
man from stock scripts testimonial momentum scanner
Frank Armanini
Full-Time Day Trader
I love having the ability to select any timeframe to scan. I can scan the last 1 minute, 27 minutes, 300 minutes, all the way up to 24 hours. It's the only tool I use to trade.
man from stock scripts testimonial momentum scanner thinkorswim
Shajahan Alam
Customer Service Rep

Discover moves before the crowd

See what's Moving This minute

With our momentum scanner you see the stocks that are currently moving

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No need to pay hundreds of dollars per month for a screener subscription. With a one-time purchase, our tools are yours to use forever.

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Choose your own parameters with custom input variables. You can also easily add filters to our scanners.

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Don't have the latest version? When our scripts get updated, you can download the latest version at no additional cost.

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